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Canine Stress Busters


Predictability and Consistency

  • In your communication with your dog

  • The way you handle your dog

  • Letting your dog know what to expect

  • Stick to a routine. For example, the same time each day for meals and walks and going to bed.

  • Activities you do with your dog including making sure there’s playtime each day


Make changes a little bit each day, build up a little more each day to get into a routine. Don’t make big changes all at once. For example, getting back onto a new daily work schedule and all the routines that go along with that

Manage & Minimize Stressors

  • Separate your dogs if you have more than one in the home and that is a source of stress to your dog(s)

  • Redirect your dog through distraction from a stressful situation like offering peanut butter when it’s time for them to get a shower

  • Prevent a stressful situation such as walking a leash reactive dog when other dogs are not around

  • Avoid those things that you know are stressful

Choice & Control Offer your dog as much choice and control as possible. For example, where he/she wants go on their walks and how much time they get to sniff

Reward Training Offer treats for doing what you ask them to do or even just when they are behaving well on their own


Include new toys and interactive games often but rotate them so the dog doesn't get bored with the same toys out all the time.


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