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Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Debra’s Dog Den Provides Mental Stimulation for Your Dog While You're Away

Dogs can get bored and depressed, just like people do. Keeping them mentally stimulated can help to prevent these problems. When you are away from home, you want quality care that keeps all of your dog’s needs in mind. Debra's Dog Den, serving the Palm Beach County Area, can help to keep your dog mentally engaged while you’re away.

Why Do Dogs Need Mental Stimulation?

A canine’s evolutionary background has provided certain instincts and abilities for survival. In the wild, a canine will have to investigate smells, stay alert to dangers, keep a lookout for potential sources of food and interact with other animals in the pack. These activities offer a great deal of brain activity. When this stimulation is absent, your dog may become bored with his day-to-day routine. Bad habits like barking, licking, and getting into trouble can develop, merely because your dog has little to no mental stimulation.


How Does Mental Stimulation Efforts Help Dogs?

Providing mental stimulation makes a canine feel they have done something significant. Brain activity produces neurotransmitter chemicals in the body that can help to regulate mood, improve sleep and ensure good cognitive ability throughout life. When owners provide mental stimulation, they help their dogs maintain good cognitive and physical health.


Types of Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Techniques for providing mental stimulation can be simple or more complex. You can play a simple “find it” game by hiding treats around the house and encouraging him or her to look for them. Playing "fetch" or "tug of war" can also help with mental acuity. A number of simple toys are available that require some strategizing to release a treat. More complicated “puzzle” toys with doors, drawers, and lids that conceal treats or food can really give your dog’s brain a workout. You can also construct a “digging box," by filling a box with sand and hiding a toy inside to give your dog a target to dig for. Walking your dog in an unfamiliar area can also provide stimulation. Any activity that offers a change in activity can be used to help stimulate your dog’s brain.

Make Debra’s Dog Den Your Dog Sitter in Palm Beach County
Debra Kossoff uses her years of experience in dog care to ensure animals in her care receive the physical and mental care they need while their owners are away. She can offer to feed, walk, visit the dog park, medication administration, playtimes, massage, and cuddling. Call Debra’s Dog Den today to schedule in-home care for your dog while you’re away on business or vacation.


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