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Why Its Beneficial for a Dog to Stay at Home for an Overnight Stay

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Why Its Beneficial for a Dog to Stay at Home for an Overnight Stay

You may be considering putting your dog into boarding for an upcoming trip. However, you get a lot of benefits if you have your dog stay at home with visits from a dog sitter instead. Debra's Dog Den serving the Palm Beach County Area would like to explain why it is beneficial for a dog to stay at its home for an overnight stay.

A Comfortable Environment

Your dog gets to stay in a familiar and comfortable environment. Your pet can eat the food that they're used to, sleep on their bed, and have full access to their normal territory. Your furry friend won't have to deal with the stress of getting in the car, getting checked in to a boarding facility, and other situations that can be overwhelming.

Less Exposure to Diseases

When you have a lot of dogs in close proximity to one another, the potential for disease transmission increases. Upper respiratory infections are common, as well as other conditions. Fleas are another pest that could find their way home with your dog from a boarding facility.

Controlling the Changes

Your faithful canine companion has enough of a change going on since his favorite humans won't be around while you're on your trip. By bringing a dog sitter to your home, you control the number of changes that your dog needs to adjust to. If your dog has to deal with a new environment and new humans all at once, that can be distressing.

Book Your Dog Sitter Today

Debra's Dog Den serving the Palm Beach County area is here to help! We'll come to your home to give your dog walks, feed them, and provide the one-on-one attention that they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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