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CANINE COMMENT - Beware the Bufo Frogs

Beware the Bufo Frogs

They’re back…dog-killing Cane toads better known as Bufo, Marine or Giant toads. Due to heavy rains in South Florida these toads have come up from their homes and since a wetter than normal summer is predicted they will continue to thrive above the surface, foraging and breeding.

This is a big concern for dog owners because although harmless to humans these yellowish brown 4-6inches long toads carry milky-white town in large triangular glands behind the eyes that can kill dogs.

When a dog bites/licks the frog it can get some poison in it’s mouth and can suffer convulsions, loss of coordination and cardiac arrest.

Signs of poisoning: Excessive drooling, red gums vomiting, disorientation, circling, stumbling and falling, and seizures.

If you suspect poisoning use a hose to wash the dog’s mouth for several minutes by running water from one side of the mouth and out the other but be careful not to let water go down the throat. Then, get your dog to the vet ASAP.

Don't let your dog lick that Bufo Frog


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